9. July 2021.

Izazov #3: Body Parts

Dobrodošli na stranicu Body Parts

U nastavku navodimo najvažnije delove tela na engleskom i prevod. Kliknite na audio zapis da čujete pravilan izgovor:


arms - ruke

back - leđa

ears - uši

eyes - oči

face - lice

feet  (singular foot) stopala / stopalo

fingers - prsti na rukama

hands - šake

head - glava

knees - kolena

legs - noge

lips - usne

mouth - usta

neck - vrat

nose - nos

shoulders - ramena

stomach - stomak / želudac

teeth (singular tooth) - zubi / zub

toes - prsti na nogama

tongue - jezik

Most people have 32 of them and use them to eat.
The part of the body where food is digested after you've eaten it.
When you cry or peel onions, they go red.
When you sit down in the dentist's chair, the dentist tells you to open it.
It can be straight, wavy or curly.
They're halfway down your legs.
When you have a cold, it is sometimes difficult to breathe through it and you can't smell anything.
A cat uses it to drink milk.
There are five of these on each of your feet.
We have to of these to hear.
You should swim a lot if you have a problem with this part of your body.