10. July 2021.

Izazov #4: Confusing English Verbs

Dobrodošli na stranicu Confusing Verbs in English

I love the shoes you're _________.
Have you ever _________ a prize?
They _________ at a party last year.
Can you help me, or are you _________ the news on TV?
She _________ her mother. They have the same eyes.
Did you _________ me anything from New York?
Are your friends good at _________ jokes?
We got to the airport late, so we _________ the plane.
Would you _________ money to a good friend?
She's _________ a really heavy bag.
She _________ that she was sorry.
It's going to rain later, so don't forget to _________ an umbrella with you.
I'm always _________ my glasses.
We had to _________ money from the bank to buy a car.