Izazov #23: Modals of Deduction: Can’t, Might, Must

Dobrodošli na stranicu  Modals of Deduction: Can't, Might, Must.

Can't, Might, Must često koristimo da izrazimo koliko smo sigurni u vezi s nečim.

Can't u tom slučaju prevodimo = ne može biti, nemoguće da je

Might = može biti da je, možda je

Must = mora biti, sigurno je, 100% je

He ______ be a university student. He's far too young.

He _____ be cold. He's not wearing a coat.

He _____ be going to the gym. He's carrying a sports bag.

Nigel ______ earn much money in his job. He's still living with his parents.

Your sister _____ have a lot of money if she drives a Porsche.

"Why is Tina so happy?" - "I'm not sure, but she ______ have a new partner."

He _____ be enjoying the party. He isn't talking to anybody.