Izazov #15: Verbs + Prepositions

Dobrodošli na stranicu Verbs + Prepositions


Hajde da prvo naučimo koji to predlozi idu uz glagole.

Kada je glagol deo duže rečenice, najčešće mu sledi određeni predlog.

agree with Mike.
She listens to the radio a lot.
He thanked me for the flowers.

Ne postoji gramatičko pravilo koje određuje koji predlog ide uz koji glagol, pa je najpametnije da učimo kombinacije napamet. Evo najčešćih:

Glagoli uz koje stoji for

They're waiting for a bus.
He apologised for being late.
applied for the job but I didn't get it.
How do you ask for a coffee in Polish?
I can't go out tonight because I have to prepare for my interview tomorrow.

Glagoli uz koje stoji  from

This spray should protect you from mosquitoes.
Has he recovered from the accident yet?
She won an award because she saved someone from drowning.
suffer from allergies.

Glagoli uz koje stoji in

She doesn't believe in coincidences.
Our company specialises in computer software.
You have to work hard if you want to succeed in life.

Glagoli uz koje stoji of

I don't approve of hunting animals for their fur.
Our dog died of old age.
This shampoo smells of bananas.

Glagoli uz koje stoji on

Their decision will depend on the test results.
The film is based on the novel by Boris Pasternak.
If you make so much noise, I can't concentrate on my work.
Come on! We're relying on you!
We don't agree on anything but we're still good friends.

Glagoli uz koje stoji to

What kind of music do you like listening to?
Can I introduce you to my grandfather?
Please refer to the notes at the end for more information.
Nobody responded to my complaint.
She apologised to me the next day.

Glagoli uz koje stoji with

agree with everything you've said.
My assistant will provide you with more information if you need it.
We're finding it difficult to deal with the stress.

A sad uradi test da proveriš svoje znanje:

Ime i prezime
She apologised to the policeman _______ driving fast.

We're arriving _____ London on Sunday.

We're arriving _____ Heathrow airport at 5pm.

Who does this book belong ____?

I never argue _____ my husband.

I never argue with my husband _____ money.

Can you ask the waiter ____ the bill, please?

I'm really looking forward _____ the party.

I don't spend a lot of money _____ clothes.

Don't laugh ____ me! I'm doing my best!

I can't choose _____ these two bags.

Do you believe ____ ghosts?

I dreamt _____ my childhood last night.

If I pay _____ meal, will you get the drinks?