Izazov #14: Who was Jack the Ripper?

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Pročitaj tekst o možda najozloglašenijem serijskom ubici svih vremena - Džeku Trboseku, u kom ćeš pronaći mnogo specifičnih pravnih izraza iz domena kriminala, a potom odgovori na pitanja ispod teksta.



In the autumn of 1888 a brutal 2 walked the dark, foggy streets of London, terrorizing the inhabitants of the city.

The victims were all women, and the police seemed powerless to stop the murders. There were no witnesses to the crimes - so the police had no idea what the murderer looked like. Panic and fear among Londoners was increased by a letter sent to Scotland Yard by the murderer. In the letter he made fun of the police's attempts to catch him and promised to kill again. It finished 'Yours truly, Jack the Ripper'. This was the first of many letters sent to the police. The murders continued - seven in total. But in November they suddenly stopped, three months after they had first begun.

Jack the Ripper was never caught and for more than a century historians, writers, and detectives have examined the evidence and tried to discover and prove his identity. Hundreds of articles and books have been written and many films made about the murders. But the question, 'Who was Jack the Ripper?'has remained unanswered. There have been plenty of suspects, including a doctor, a businessman, a painter, and even a member of a royal family.

The American crime writer Patricia Cornwell tried to solve the real-life murder mystery of Jack the Ripper. After spending a considerable amount of time and money on her investigation, and analysing DNA samples, Cornwell thought she had proved who Jack the Ripper really was. However, other experts disagree with her, and a new theory has recently been put forward.


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Koja reč u tekstu znači "police officers who investigate crimes"?

Koja reč u tekstu znači "people who see something that has happened, and then tell others (the police) about it"?

Koja reč u tekstu znači "people who are hurt or killed by somebody in a crime"?

Koja reč u tekstu znači "a person who plans and kills another person"?

Koja reč u tekstu znači "the crime of killing a person illegally and deliberately"?

Koja reč u tekstu znači "the facts, signs, etc. which tell you who committed the crime"?

Koja reč u tekstu znači "people who are thought to be guilty of a crime"?

Koja reč u tekstu znači "to find the correct answer to why something happened"?

Koja reč u tekstu znači "to use facts and evidence to show something is true"?