Besplatne lekcije: Non-Fungible Tokens (AUDIO)

Besplatna lekcija engleskog jezika namenjena je svima koji se bave kripto valutama, informacionim tehnologijama i elektronskim poslovanjem. More specifically, razgovaramo o nezamenljivim tokenima (NFT or non-fungible tokens) i blockchain tehnologijama slušajući originalni audio izveštaj o NFT grešci koja dovodi do ogromnog gubitka novca.





E-Commerce, Information Technology (IT), Using Computers And The Internet



Vreme potrebno za lekciju:



Now listen and answer the questions:


1. NFTs have become particularly popular in the last few years.

2. NFTs have become popular with celebrity collectors in particular.

3. Artists may be able to use NFTs to sell ‘original’ digital artwork.

4. NFTs are often bought and sold using crypto-currencies.

5. Because of their smart contracts, NFTs guarantee the artist will receive the entire sale fee for each sale of the artwork.

6. NFTs are often used to sell images of memes.

7. All Bored Ape artworks were created by a group known as the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

8. The technology used to create the images could be bad for the environment.

9. A bubble (noun) is...

10. To tout (verb) means...

11. Crypto-currency is...

12. Aid is...

13. Non-fungible (adjective) describes something that is...

14. Blockchain (noun) is ...

15. A token (noun) is ....

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