Tri tako kratke, male reči - quitquite and quiet, a toliko zabune kod upotrebe i pisanja. Hajde da zauvek otklonimo sve nedoumice i više ne pravimo greške kad su quitquite and quiet u pitanju.


  • QUIT :
    Quit je glagol koji znači:

    • napustiti ili odustati:
      • “Alex quit college during his second year.’
      • “Jenny is going to quit teaching and become a full-time writer.”
    • prestati:
      • “Sam says he’s going to quit smoking.”
      • Quit complaining and get on with the job!”
  • QUITE:
    Quite je prilog sa značenjem prilično, donekle, malo ili mnogo, ali ne sasvim .
    Blaži je u značenju od ‘very’ ili ‘extremely’.

    • “It’s quite warm outside today.”
    • “The house we bought needs quite a bit of work.”
    • “The candidate spoke English quite well.”
    • “I quite like living in a small town.”
    • “Julie made it quite clear that she was against the idea.”
    • “After his illness Charlie was never quite the same.”
  • QUIET: može biti pridev ili glagol.

Kad ima ulogu prideva, quiet znači tih ili bešuman.

U ulozi glagola ima značenje utišati ili ućutkati.

  • “I told the children to be quiet while I was on the phone.”
  • “This is a quiet area. There is not much traffic.”
  • “Business has been quiet since the beginning of the year.”
  • “We preferred to have a quiet wedding with just our two families.
  • “Early in the morning the streets are empty and quiet.”
  • “The doctor said she’d have a quiet word with my mother.”

My office is QUIET and QUITE comfortable. I’ll miss it when I QUIT.

The food in this restaurant is usually __________ good.

Within a year Hugo had __________ his job and gone back to college.

My dad's growing old. His hair is now __________ thin on top.

The children are very __________. Let's see what they're doing.

You should __________ smoking now before it becomes too difficult.

After a busy day all he wanted was some peace and __________.

It took me __________ a long time to answer all the questions.

He's doing his best so __________ making fun of him!

I'll be as __________ as a mouse when I come home tonight.

Sophie received a reply to her application letter __________ recently.

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