Second Conditional


Conditional Type 2 / Second conditional

Koristimo ga da govorimo o zamišljenoj, ali ne mnogo verovatnoj situaciji u sadašnjosti ili budućnosti i njenim posledicama.

If we had a garden, we could have a cat.
If I won a lot of money, I'd buy a big house in the country.
I wouldn't worry if I were you.

Struktura rečenice je najčešće: if + past simple >> + would + infinitive.

Kada posle if dolazi glagol be, gramatički je ispravno da se kaže if I wereif he wereif she wereif it were. Međutim, često se čuje i koristi was, naročito posle he/she.

If I were you, I wouldn't mention it.
If she was prime minister, she would invest more money in schools.
He would travel more if he was younger.


If I cared what people think, I _____ a very boring life!

If I _____ you, I'd go to the doctor's.

What would you do differently if you _____ to do this again?

I _____ English every day if I had time.

What would you say if he _____ you on a date?

If I didn't need the money, _____ less.

They would stay longer if they _____ time.

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