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What are you wearing today? How many pairs of jeans do you own?



Look at the useful language for shopping.



What size are you?

I’m a small/medium/large.

the changing room

Where can I try it on?

The changing rooms are over there.

do you like it?

It looks good on you. / It suits you.

Thanks! / It doesn’t fit.


How many colours does it come in?

It comes in red, yellow or green.


How much is it?

It’s £30. / It’s on sale - only $50!


Are you paying in cash?

By credit card. / In cash.


Study these sentences and the information.

  • How many colours does it come in?
  • How much is it?


Koristimo many i much da označimo količinu. Many upotrebaljavamo sa brojivim imenicama a much sa nebrojivim.

Brojive imenice su one koje imaju jedninu i množinu, uz koje može da stoji broj, kao na primer - colour/colours. Nebrojive imaju samo jedninu, kao što je recimo money - ne možemo reći jedan novac ili dva novca.



Watch the video i answer the questions.



Shopping for Clothes Audio Script

What does Claire want?

What size is she?

How much does it cost?

How does she pay?

What size are you?

You ask about the changing rooms.

Another way to say: "It looks good on you. "

You want to ask about the available colours.

You want to ask about the price.

Are you paying in cash?

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