The Money Talk Every Couple Needs to Have



1. A verb which means: to reveal information that wasn’t known before, especially secret information
2. A noun which means: a romantic partner, either married or unmarried
3. A noun which means: problems, disagreements or trouble between two people or groups of people
4. A noun which means: something which indicates what will happen in the future
5. A noun which means: a skill needed to do a certain task
6. A noun which means: a partner you are married to
7. A noun which means: a situation when a person is completely involved in a situation
8. A noun which means: something which causes a person or an object to be open to physical or emotional damage
9. Video Part 1: What percentage of people would rather talk about their previous romantic relationships with a new partner than talk about finances?
10. Video Part 1: What, according to Wendy De La Rosa, is the strongest predictor of divorce?
11. Video Part 1: What does Wendy De La Rosa think you need to discuss if you want to improve your relationship?
12. Video Part 2: A study in 2018 showed that the partner who managed the couple’s finances ...
13. Video Part 2: Women live longer than men ...
14. Video Part 2: If you haven’t been responsible for managing finances, ...
15. Video Part 2: Research has shown that trust, cooperation and intimacy in relationships is improved by ...
16. Video Part 2: Of the three financial questions Wendy De La Rosa asks you to consider, she does not ask: ...
17. Video Part 2: The first step she suggests you take with your partner is ...